Cheung Tsun (Keith) began his career as a

photojournalist in 1996. During his stint with

Ming Pao Daily, he moved across different

sections of the newsroom, from local and China

news to business, and lifestyle, where he gained

valuable experience shooting photo essays,

including portraitures of people-in-the-news, and

documenting the fleeting moments of history.After

ten years of photojournalism with various

newspapers and magazines, he started his own

business, photoTsunic, and entered the corporate

and fashion sectors, where his broad range of

professional photography skills are put to good use.

One of his current specialties is corporate photography. Cheung is often engaged for his professional services for corporate events, such as Initial Public Offers (IPO), Annual General Meeting (AGM), press conferences, town hall meetings as well as executive portraits for the management of multinational companies (MNCs) and Fortune 100 companies. His clientele includes Citibank, ICBC, Swire Properties, BASF, MPFA, Bauhinia Foundation Research Center, the Election Office for Hong Kong Chief Executive Donald Tsang in 2005 & 2007, and more.

Due to his photojournalist background, Cheung is well-known for his documentary style and strong news sense. Commissioned by Swire Properties, he produced documentary photography for the legendary fashion designer, Vivienne Westwood, and internationally renowned architect, Frank Gerhy, when they visited Hong Kong. He is also the photographer for the first book of Donald Tsang, HK Chief Executive, entitled “I’ll get the job done!”
Another area where he specializes in is artistic and lifestyle photography. Cheung often photo shoots glamorous events for international brands such as Cartier, Vertu, Links and Sotheby’s across Hong Kong and the mainland China. He also contributes to various reputable fashion and lifestyle magazines, featuring high-end costume, jewellery, gourmet and interior design.


Fascinated by the world at large, Cheung took a break from his photography career in 2001 and spent time traveling in and exploring the United Kingdom. Since then, he has developed a passion for foreign cultures, especially anything related to the Great Britain. When not working, he would wander around the street corners and take snap shots that tell of human-interest stories behind the old districts and vanishing handcraft industries.                                       



於多間報館及雜誌累積超過十年的攝影經驗後,張峻銳意開創自己的攝影業務 photoTsunic,為各大企業及高級品牌提供攝影服務,令他那全面的攝影技巧得以發揮。

張峻專長拍攝各種企業活動,包括公司首次招股上市(IPO)、年度業績公佈(AGM)、新聞發佈會、公司內部大型演說,以及為跨國企業的管理階層拍攝肖像等。其客戶包括美國花旗銀行 (CitiBank)﹑ 中國工商銀行、巴斯夫(BASF)、積金局(MPFA)、智經研究中心,以及 2005 & 2007年曾蔭權選舉辦公室等。

由於從事新聞界多年,張峻以敏銳的新聞觸覺及紀實性的拍攝手法為人所熟悉。著名地產發展商--太古地產--特別委托張峻為傳奇的英國時裝設計師「西太后」 Vivienne Westwood 以及世界級建築師 Frank Gerhy 到訪香港期間,作追蹤性的紀實攝影。他亦是特首曾蔭權的首本個人著作「我會做好呢份工」之攝影師。

張峻亦擅長表現時尚生活品味的型格藝術攝影,專為國際高級品牌舉辦的隆重晚會擔任大會攝影,工作橫跨香港及中國大陸兩地。其客戶包括名貴珠寶品牌卡地亞(Cartier) ﹑奢華手機品牌Vertu、首飾品牌Links及國際藝術拍賣公司蘇富比



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